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With all the wonderful tooth restoration procedures available in our modern dental industry, it can be hard to choose which one will work best for you. Your needs should dictate the treatment you need, depending on the health of your teeth and the desires you have for them.

If you are looking for restoration procedures that can protect your teeth from various damage, dental crowns and dental fillings are two great options. Dental crowns work by affixing a cap to a damaged tooth to not only improve its look but to protect it from further harm. Dental fillings work by removing decay from a tooth that has a hole due to tooth enamel loss and replacing the cavity with a filling to stop the spread of decay and protect it against future cavities.

If you are looking for a restoration procedure that can improve the look of your smile, dental veneers and teeth whitening systems are two great options. Dental veneers fuse a strong, customizable piece of material to the fronts of teeth designed to give the tooth the color, look, and shape you require. Teeth whitening systems brighten your natural teeth by removing deep stains and by combatting the effects of discoloration.

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