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Stains on your teeth can be distressing in social situations. This drives many people with stained teeth to choose various tooth whitening products or procedures. Unfortunately, even the most effective tooth-whitening measures will only provide you with a short term solution, if the underlying cause of the stains is not effectively addressed.

It’s a good idea to consult with the dental professionals at Urquiola Dental Center PC before embracing any new whitening product. Our highly trained staff have the experience needed to help you find the safest and most effective way to brighten your smile.

Some foods like chocolate, tomato sauce, and dark berries have compounds that can also stain tooth enamel. Cutting back on these foods will certainly help. Incorporating a whitening toothpaste to your oral hygiene routine to reduce staining issues between your regular dental cleaning appointments.

At the same time, dark beverages, like coffee, tea, green tea, and soft drinks can often be a significant source of staining. You could still enjoy drinking them through a straw.

If you smoke or use other tobacco products, you should strongly consider talking to your physician about finding a cessation program that’s right for you. Beyond the obvious health benefits, the tar and chemicals tobacco products introduces to your mouth can very easily cause deep stains on your teeth.

If you have need help investigating the underlying cause of stains on your teeth, you should call Urquiola Dental Center PC at 734-973-7450 to schedule a consultation.