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Smile stains can be annoying and quite troublesome, especially because they can hinder your self-esteem and make you embarrassed about your appearance. Fortunately, there are whitening treatments in the world today that can help you eliminate your tooth stains and enhance the appearance of your smile!

You can typically use over-the-counter and professional whitening treatments to improve your smile. When considering over-the-counter treatments, your options usually include whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, whitening gel, whitening trays, and whitening rinse. All of these treatments can help you whiten your smile by at least one shade. However, they cannot whiten major stains, especially stains that result from tobacco use, oral trauma, and continually drinking dark foods and beverages. If you need to whiten deep stains, it’s best to use a professional treatment.

You can generally find whitening trays or in-office treatments at dental offices. The whitening tray treatment usually involves the dentist creating a customized whitening tray just for you. Then, they will give you special whitening gel to put in the trays as well as instructions on how and how long to use the treatment. If necessary, the dentist will use a special light to further whiten your teeth once you’ve completed treatment.

The professional whitening treatment involves the dentist covering your teeth with whitening solution. Then, they will activate the solution with a special ultraviolet light. Once an adequate amount of time has passed, they will repeat the process about three times, which should total to be about 45 minutes.

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