Dentures Can Restore and Beautify Your Smile

Have you considered dentures as an option for your smile makeover? Dentures are removable appliances for tooth replacement that fill large or small gaps so that you can easily care for your smile and enjoy a more functional oral cavity. If you have only lost a few teeth, partial dentures may be sufficient to address… Read more »

Do These At-Home Teeth Whitening Trends Work?

If you were to ask a family member or friend if they want a white smile, they would almost assuredly say yes. Teeth whitening is the most requested service in cosmetic dentistry, but many patients turn to home remedies out of convenience, curiosity, or to save a few bucks. The internet is full of recommendations… Read more »

What Is Bad Breath and What Causes It?

If you have bad breath, you’re probably wondering what is causing it and how to eliminate it. Well, you have come to the right blog! Our dentist, Dr. , is happy to help you by telling you all you need to know about bad breath in , . Bad breath is a condition that can… Read more »

Did You Know This About Water Flossing?

Water flossers have been around for a while, and many of our patients use them. Like floss, water flossing is a way of cleaning bacterial acids from your pearly whites and gums and getting rid of wedged food remnants from between your teeth. Here are a few things you should know about water flossing. Water… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Oral Thrush

Do you have white cuts or a white rash on your tongue? Are they raised and do they appear at all like cottage cheese? If so, you might have a disease called oral thrush or oral candidiasis. This infection is caused by the fungus candida, and it can impact your mouth and other parts of… Read more »

Treating Your Tooth Sensitivity

Millions of Americans suffer from tooth sensitivity. This usually comes when exposing your mouth too hot, cold, sweet, or acidic foods and drinks. While specially formulated tooth sensitivity toothpaste may ease some of the discomforts, it may also simply be a mask for a more serious issue. Finding the underlying cause for your tooth sensitivity… Read more »

A Compromised Dental Bridge Needs a Dentist’s Attention

A dental bridge is one of the more common dental restorations used to replace a missing tooth. They are typically cast from very durable dental materials that are intended to rival the strength of your natural tooth enamel. Dr. then cements it in place with a very strong dental adhesive to effectively bond it to… Read more »

Keep Gingivitis at Bay by Using Our Tips

Gingivitis is a dental issue you should avoid at all costs. This is because it is the first stage of gum disease, which is one of the most serious and dangerous dental issues in the world today. So, please do all you can to keep gingivitis at bay. You can do so by using Dr…. Read more »

Healthy Food Choices and Its Effect on Your Dental Health

Have you ever speculated which foods are healthy for your smile? Even though all foods inevitably wear down teeth slightly due to the chewing process, it is hard enough to wear teeth out as teeth that are well taken care of can last a lifetime of use. Various foods contain minerals such as calcium and… Read more »

Enhance Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you looking to greatly improve your smile for a summertime smile you can appreciate all year long? With effective tooth restorations via cosmetic dentistry, the road to a great smile has never had so many options. To enhance your smile with cosmetic dentistry, take a look at what your options entail: – Dental Crowns: Crowns… Read more »