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Have you ever speculated which foods are healthy for your smile? Even though all foods inevitably wear down teeth slightly due to the chewing process, it is hard enough to wear teeth out as teeth that are well taken care of can last a lifetime of use.

Various foods contain minerals such as calcium and phosphorus that can strengthen your tooth enamel. When consumed as part of a balanced diet, it can help to remineralize your tooth enamel for stronger support in the future. Foods high in calcium and phosphorus include meats such as chicken, various cheeses, milk, and a wide assortment of nuts.

Your smile is reliant upon not taking risks that can put it in constant danger. This includes eating sugary foods all the time and regularly trying to bite or chew through excessively hard or tough foods. However, some hard and sugary foods can keep your mouth clean if you exercise caution when biting into them. This includes apples and pears, which are crunchy and have a high water index. Furthermore, this can help wash away harmful acids and plaque buildup.

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