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Have you considered dentures as an option for your smile makeover? Dentures are removable appliances for tooth replacement that fill large or small gaps so that you can easily care for your smile and enjoy a more functional oral cavity. If you have only lost a few teeth, partial dentures may be sufficient to address your dental needs.

Whatever your dental needs are, it’s highly possible that dentures are optimal to your preferences due to the many benefits they provide, such as:

– Filling the areas left by missing teeth: These empty spaces allow bacteria to spread and destabilize gum tissue, loosening the nearby teeth, but dentures fill these potential bacteria cesspools and stop teeth from drifting.

– Improve your mouth’s functionality: Speaking and chewing can be more difficult with missing teeth if you don’t have dentures placed.

– Restoring your smile: Sagging structure makes your face look much older than it is, but dentures can create a more youthful appearance.

– Filling gaps: No matter how many teeth have been lost, your dentures can replace them.

– Easy removal: You can take dentures in and out of your smile, making repairs and replacements simple.

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