Dr. Nancy Urquiola works to protect the health of patients of all ages, including children. Kids who have lost a baby tooth too soon can visit Urquiola Dental Center PC for a dental space maintainer in Ann Arbor, Michigan, that will hold open the gap until the permanent tooth comes into place. Feel free to call our dentist to learn more about what a dental space maintainer can do for your child’s dental health.

Besides aiding chewing, speaking, and smiling, the primary purpose of baby teeth is to act as a placeholder until a child’s mouth is big enough to hold all of their permanent adult teeth. Baby teeth usually fall out when the permanent tooth is about to erupt. However, problems can develop if a baby tooth is lost too early due to injury or decay. Since there is no longer a placeholder, the surrounding baby teeth can shift or tilt into the gap, which results in further problems when the permanent tooth does erupt.

Crooked or crowded teeth can be prevented if a child who has lost a baby tooth too soon wears a dental space maintainer. This small, metal appliance does what its name suggests; it maintains the space of a lost baby tooth so the permanent tooth can erupt properly later on. Dental space maintainers protect children’s dental health in the long run by helping them avoid expensive, uncomfortable straightening treatments in later years.