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Bruxism is a condition that needs to be treated. Thousands of people suffer from bruxism each day, and not everyone is even aware of it. That is why, our dentist, Dr. Nancy Urquiola with Urquiola Dental Center PC in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is here to help you understand how bruxism can harm your teeth and why it is crucial.

Bruxism, which is also known as teeth grinding, is an oral health condition that causes your teeth to clench or grind together at night as you sleep. Most people are not fully aware they have this condition unless they are told so by their partner. This condition needs handling right away because bruxism can cause you to wear down your tooth enamel and destroy your teeth.

Other symptoms of bruxism include intense pain in your face, jaw, or ears. This health condition can trigger bad headaches or create difficulty sleeping through the night. Bruxism can also lead to having a locked jaw, which is a condition that prevents you from opening or closing your mouth entirely, making it hard or difficult to eat or talk. That is why looking for help is indispensable with those who have bruxism.

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